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boater / канотье, лодочник
имя существительное
boatman, boater, waterman, shoreman, shoresman
имя существительное
a flat-topped hardened straw hat with a brim.
The men wear flat caps, bowlers, straw boaters , trilbies, toppers; the women shawls or floral hats.
a person who uses or travels in a boat for pleasure.
Speeding to the aid of boat manufacturers, marinas and pleasure boaters , Norton is trying to weaken protections for Florida's endangered manatees.
‘Mine was a straw boater which had daffodils and ivy glued onto it,’ she said.
This will have been the last year where the only costumes you see are one guy wearing a straw boater and a middle-aged drag queen dressed as a cheerleader in cowboy boots.
But inwardly, you're in a linen suit, wearing a straw boater and swinging a walking stick.
In summer we wore a navy cotton dress and straw boater .
As a choice for the discerning boater , character boats are actually not just about good looks; they do have a practical side.
Mr Pearce was raising money for the international charity Water for Kids and dressed in a Victorian style bathing suit and straw boater .
Between the ages of 10 and 13, Martin stood outside the front gates wearing a straw boater and bow tie while selling guidebooks.
On the water, the only thing more important than a safe boat is a safe boater .
I had to wear a straw boater as part of the uniform, which I thought was weird, and they were pretty handy when it came to discipline.
Frizzy-haired beauties in starched blouses and boaters , fat pasty babies in frocks, scowling matrons in black tents, young men with moustaches striking jokey poses.