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boat / лодка, судно, корабль
имя существительное
boat, skiff, pleasure boat, wherry, shallop
vessel, ship, boat, craft, bedpan, hovercraft
ship, boat, vessel, nave, barque, ark
кататься на лодке
boat, go for a row
перевозить в лодке
boat, row
имя существительное
a small vessel propelled on water by oars, sails, or an engine.
a fishing boat
a serving dish in the shape of a boat.
a gravy boat
travel or go in a boat for pleasure.
they boated through fjords
Most of the mold is cut off and the plants are shipped by boat to Hong Kong where a chemical stimulant is added to enhance the effect of the herbs.
While the boat was sailing towards the land, everyone on the shore became active.
To be competitive in the market, we had to have our products made in China and then shipped to us by boat .
The boat - not a dinghy, mind you, but a good - sized boat with a cabin - is the classroom.
It will be carried by boat along the Manchester Ship Canal, and Bridgewater and Rochdale canals, on its way to the opening ceremony at the Games stadium.
So this was why the Golden Plunderer was the most famous of them all; it had robbed every boat , every ship, every city, of its riches.
It was a short wait and it wasn't long until the three of them were piled into a small boat and sent sailing off into the water.
The former trawler and scalloper will start a new life as a general cargo boat operating between the islands and France.
a boat trip
At age 72, Pam sails her own boat and each year takes a wicked sailing trip to the Caribbean with friends.