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boast / похвастать, хвастаться, гордиться
boast, brag
brag, boast, display, splurge, vaunt, blow
be proud, pride, boast, glory, glory in, pride oneself
имя существительное
boasting, bragging, boast, ostentation, bluster, brag
предмет гордости
pride, boast, glory
имя существительное
an act of talking with excessive pride and self-satisfaction.
I said I would score, and it wasn't an idle boast
(in squash) a stroke in which the ball is made to hit one of the sidewalls before hitting the front wall.
His favourite ploy was a backhand boast pulling Beachill to the front right corner and whatever Beachill did with that tight ball, Parke was ready.
talk with excessive pride and self-satisfaction about one's achievements, possessions, or abilities.
Ted used to boast, “I manage ten people”
(of a person, place, or thing) possess (a feature that is a source of pride).
the hotel boasts high standards of comfort
It was time to forget about pride and my proud boast of being ‘always well’.
Barker demonstrated his state of mind with a backhand boast into the tin to close out the 11 minute game.
It has been a proud boast of our law for centuries that it punishes people for what it is proven they have done, not for what some authority or expert theorises they might want to do.
I said I would win and it wasn't an idle boast
Lee wins it with a tight forehand drop of her own but cannot get the next point and after three service changes it's the backhand boast from Jans Burke which gives her the championship.
For long enough, it was his perhaps his proudest boast .
Justin Woods doesn't like to boast about his culinary achievements - so let me do it for him.
an idle boast
Racing to a 6-0 lead in the third, Edwards moved Farrer continuously, cutting off early and using the boast to good effect.
But this is an idle boast if police are forced to abandon one set of law breakers to chase after another.