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boardwalk / дощатый настил
имя существительное
дощатый настил
boardwalk, duckboards
имя существительное
a wooden walkway across sand or marshy ground.
The trees lined a stone walkway that lead to a wooden boardwalk .
You could go to the beach, walk along the boardwalk and stop for lunch overlooking the ocean.
Willow Court is a sunken flooded area with willow trees and wetland vegetation, traversed and enclosed by a boardwalk .
A wetland habitat with reed beds, a boardwalk , bridges and an outdoor classroom will also transform the park encouraging wildlife and the public.
Eric, Zach and I walked along the boardwalk that fringed the beach, observing the activities ongoing on the beach.
They walked along the boardwalk later that afternoon, shopping bags in one hand, ice cream in the other.
Commercial and private sea craft were plentiful nearer the coast and the boardwalk at the beaches was lit up for nighttime visitors.
At Avenue U we grabbed a bus to the west end of Coney Island and started walking along the boardwalk .
The heat, fryer grease, and cocoa-buttered throngs along the boardwalk were another world.
The children go to the utterly deserted wooden boardwalk in front of the Chateau Frontenac.
Away from its tawdry sideshows we wander, along the boardwalk that fringes the littered beach and the grey Atlantic that no one swims in.