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boardroom / зал заседаний совета директоров
имя существительное
зал заседаний совета директоров
имя существительное
a room in which the members of a board meet regularly.
A ballroom, two boardrooms and five meeting rooms are also on the cards.
In the event it was a short-lived and unhappy venture, which ended in acrimony after only two years following a boardroom clash.
The business centre comprises of one office room, a boardroom and a number of work stations.
he resigned after boardroom differences
Recently ousted in a boardroom coup, he sought an injunction against his removal and the recruitment of a new managing director.
The tours' starting point will be the players' entrance in the main car park and include trips to both dressing rooms and the boardroom .
The new extension will include a boardroom and meeting rooms.
She triggered a massive boardroom rift when she refused to quit until fellow directors agreed to board changes.
When he changed careers, he worked his way up from the mail room to the boardroom .
From newsrooms to boardrooms to classrooms, America's high priests of culture are working to promote it.
In the chop houses, boardrooms were big rooms crammed with desks for the brokers and cold-callers.