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boarding / абордаж
имя существительное
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
long, flat, thin pieces of wood used to build or cover something.
Not having bothered to use the door, the undead cadavers had simply punched a hole through the wall as if it had been thin wooden boarding .
the procedure according to which students live at school during the semester in return for payment.
Ampleforth College has today offered free boarding to all day pupils during the present phase of the foot and mouth disease outbreak.
the action of getting on or into a ship, aircraft, or other vehicle.
The illegal boarding of ships and seizure of cargo has in the past been considered an act of war.
get on or into (a ship, aircraft, or other vehicle).
we boarded the plane for Oslo
live and receive regular meals in a house in return for payment or services.
the cousins boarded for a while with Ruby
cover or seal a window, storefront, or other structure with pieces of wood.
the shop was still boarded up
ride on a snowboard.
Night skiing is an exhilarating experience you won't want to miss when fellow skiers gather to ski or board down the main run each night with flares in hand.
Church leaders have been forced to cover the windows with iron grilles and wooden boarding and the building's insurers have almost trebled the premiums.
remember to buy your tickets before boarding
Annie's move to Butterstone, which takes 45 children and where she is now in her third year, was not without its traumas, especially as it meant weekly boarding .
Low floor buses would be a boon to the disabled, the elderly, women and children, because of the ease of boarding and alighting.
At senior schools the average annual day fee is £10,650 and for boarding is £16,455.
All former boarders are welcome to come along to visit the College, perhaps meet some old friends, revisit former days and mark the closure of boarding at St Kierans.
Time went by and the next announcement promised boarding at 18.00.
Hailing from a humble Christian home, he has to make do with whatever food is dished out to him in the school boarding .
He had been standing at eaves level, beneath a beamed roof on temporary boarding , which was resting on joists.
I am a much respected languages teacher at an international school near Pattaya, and incidentally, I am also the head of boarding of this particular school.