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blustery / бурный, бушующий, задиристый
имя прилагательное
stormy, turbulent, rough, rugged, tempestuous, blustery
blustering, blustery, blusterous, impetuous, squally, rageful
quarrelsome, blustery, ugly, blusterous
имя прилагательное
(of weather or a period of time) characterized by strong winds.
a gusty, blustery day
They stood face to face under the balcony in the moonlight as the blustery rain teemed around them.
During the summer it was further out on the patio but I got worried that the it would get blown over in the blustery winds of winter and tucked it in between two pots for safety.
The wintry weather took on freakish proportions with torrential rain turning to sideways sleet as the blustery wind continued to create havoc.
The cycle ride home was against a very strong, blustery wind and left me feeling knackered.
Last night forecasters predicted that the blustery weather would continue, with hail and thunder a possibility.
Despite the adverse blustery weather conditions, it was clear that Oxford had the edge.
The forecast for today is blustery showers and heavy falls likely with some longer spells of rain expected.
The recent spell of blustery weather turned my thoughts to foliage, which looks good come rain or shine.
Forecasters are predicting no end to deep winter misery with increasingly blustery weather over the next three days and gales reaching hurricane force along exposed coasts.
At half time in a game marred by a strong blustery wind blowing to the city end, North trailed by nine points.