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blush / румянец, краска смущения, краска стыда
имя существительное
blush, glow, flush, color, bloom, ruddiness
краска смущения
краска стыда
blush, redden, flush, color, crimson, color up
blush, put rouge on
заливаться румянцем
blush, rouge
имя существительное
a reddening of the face as a sign of embarrassment or shame.
he had brought a faint blush to her cheeks
a wine with a slight pink tint made in the manner of white wine but from red grape varieties.
A vin gris or blush wine is made as above but with no maceration.
develop a pink tinge in the face from embarrassment or shame.
she blushed at the unexpected compliment
Its general colouring is white tinged with rosy blush and it has two long red shaft tail streamers.
With a little rose shaded lipstick and blush , she had to admit to herself that she looked hot.
As soft as a blush when one is complimented, a pink hue with the warm sweetness of jasmine in a bottle that too is a blush colour yet is more romantic in tone, luminous in feel.
Lor gave a faint, but apparent sign of a blush in her cheek.
At one time, any hostess getting ready for a dinner party would blush for shame to think that she had bought her meal from a supermarket.
I brushed a little blush on my pale cheeks, applied some blue eye shadow and light mascara, and combed my thick brown hair.
A blush of anger and embarrassment heated her cheeks and her irritation was further stretched.
The market glittered with colour; the reds of the paprika, the deep blush of the red hot dried chillis.
As he sprays reactive chemicals on the test strips, a pink blush spreads across the paper.
No blush or pink cheeks, she knew she would already be blushing by herself later on.