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blurt / выпалить, сболтнуть
blurt out, blurt, fire off, touch off, let off, go off
blurt, blurt out, cough up
say (something) suddenly and without careful consideration.
she wouldn't blurt out words she did not mean
Once you start, it is essential that you don't just blurt it all out as this may sound like you are blaming him.
There's no more graceful way to say it, so I'll just blurt it out: What the hell is this?
But it just won't do to get up on stage and thrash around, and cry, and blurt things out.
You could tell he didn't think much of my work, though he was far too polite to blurt it out.
I would much prefer people found the pain that lies beneath rather than blurt it out and have it paraded and advertised.
I don't really think he meant to blurt it out that way, but he was nervous.
she wouldn't blurt out words she did not mean
She just sometimes blurts things out before she thinks, and I think we should try to forgive it and go on.
When describing his test debut he blurts it out.
It was also in the back of my mind that my son might have had a few drinks one night, and blurted it out.