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blurb / реклама, рекламное объявление
имя существительное
advertising, advertisement, ad, commercial, publicity, blurb
рекламное объявление
blurb, throwaway
имя существительное
a short description of a book, movie, or other product written for promotional purposes and appearing on the cover of a book or in an advertisement.
Indian, not Native American, is how his book blurbs describe him: in one short story in this collection a character dryly observes that ‘Native American’ is an oxymoron.
write or contribute a blurb for (a book, movie, or other product).
He glowingly blurbed the book as ‘splendid and wholly convincing’.
The blurb described the book as a private detective's journey through personal betrayal to a form of redemption.
They were both kind enough to blurb the first book.
Lots and lots and lots of requests coming in for me to read and blurb people's books, or write introductions to things, to all of which at present the answer has to be no.
Each jury panel selected three finalists, then composed a short blurb about each.
There was, in fact, discussion about such a note but however it was worded it sounded more like a promotional blurb than a serious warning.
So you blurb the writer rather than the book, so you just know that that's going to be the one they stick on the cover.
Yes, I heard it's very good and in fact they sent it to me to blurb but I was doing something…
Oh, and when you reach the website, read the promotional blurb .
I have been asked to blurb it, and I am recommending it now to all of you.
They blurb books, explain pop culture phenomena and offer unsolicited counsel to celebrities in crisis.