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blur / пятно, неясные очертания, расплывшееся пятно
имя существительное
spot, stain, blot, blur, slick, patch
неясные очертания
blur, looming
расплывшееся пятно
blur, slur
blur, bedaub, bedraggle
имя существительное
a thing that cannot be seen or heard clearly.
the pale blur of her face
make or become unclear or less distinct.
tears blurred her vision
Pretty soon the words just became a blur , which was a definite sign that she was spacing out.
the day before was a blur
Her loose white skirt is splayed upon the surface of the river, and when he opens his eyes he can see the white blur of her pale legs.
There's nothing substantive to latch onto - all I remember is a blur of lights, noise and sweaty torsos.
I couldn't hear enough to understand the blur of most questions.
I remember the emergency room as a crowded blur and was so thankful that Deanna had everything prepared.
The whole first two days are a complete blur , I really can barely remember that.
Passing people just saw a blur and heard the sound of his jacket whipping the air behind him.
The world around her remained a blur even as she heard his fading paw steps.
What followed was very much of a blur , but all I remember was this extreme pain as if my body was being ripped in two.