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blunt / тупой, грубый, прямой
имя прилагательное
blunt, blunt, stupid, dull, dull, dumb
rude, rough, gross, coarse, crude, blunt
direct, right, straight, outright, straightforward, blunt
blunt, dull, stupefy, drug, hebetate, opiate
имя существительное
boob, blockhead, doodle, dummy, loggerhead, blunt
fool, stupid, idiot, goof, mutt, blunt
имя прилагательное
(of a knife, pencil, etc.) having a worn-down edge or point; not sharp.
a blunt knife
(of a person or remark) uncompromisingly forthright.
he is as blunt as a kick in the shins
make or become less sharp.
wood can blunt your ax
имя существительное
a hollowed-out cigar filled with marijuana.
Consequently, marijuana use in blunts may persist longer into adulthood for a larger proportion of the general population than marijuana use in joints and pipes had in the past.
Hold the oyster with a thick cloth and insert a blunt knife firmly into the hinges at the side of the shell.
She was blunt and honest, brutally so, and her style suffered from it.
So being the blunt person that I am, I asked him about it.
Portugal changed Cape Verde's status from a colony to an overseas province in 1951 in an attempt to blunt growing nationalism.
Of course, our stoner friend is caught blood-red handed while trying to roll up the blunt .
Dan is blunt ; he speaks straight to the point without unnecessary embellishment, whereas I get paid for embellishing.
The best you can do is to remove most of the substance from the carpet using a blunt knife.
Until the 1840s, screws had a flat or blunt tip, which necessitated drilling a lead hole first in order to start the screw.
‘Here… you look like you could use it,’ Zack held out a small blunt in his hand.
Potassium can blunt the adverse effects of sodium on blood pressure, reduce the risk of kidney stones and possibly reduce bone loss.