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blunderbuss / мушкетон
имя существительное
имя существительное
a short-barreled large-bored gun with a flared muzzle, used at short range.
Arrived outside, they collected some blunderbusses , rifles and revolvers, and took up a position behind some sandhills.
an action or way of doing something regarded as lacking in subtlety and precision.
economists resort too quickly to the blunderbuss of regulation
That's a tough situation, and the best thing would be to find a real blunderbuss antifungal that would pitch in for all of them.
If people can think of better places to call, please let me know, since I realize I'm taking something of a blunderbuss approach here.
economists resort too quickly to the blunderbuss of regulation
I should have used a blunderbuss not a derringer.
Unfortunately, it seems the benefits of such a crackdown are again to be obscured by its blunderbuss approach.
Revenue are going after people in a blunderbuss approach without making allowances for the fact that some people have inherited this problem.
Unfortunately, rather than considering specific solutions, opponents of spam are currently adopting a blunderbuss approach, latching on to every anti-spam technology going in the vain hope that one of them might do the job.
This may be criticised on a number of grounds, such as its acceptance of a blunderbuss hit and miss approach, or its presumption of guilt in relation to those whose premises were being searched.
economists resort too quickly to the blunderbuss of regulation
Smart sanctions (not the current blunderbuss kind), coercive inspections, and maintenance of the no-fly zones are the alternatives to full-blown war.