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blunder / промах, грубая ошибка, просчет
имя существительное
miss, slip, blunder, bloomer, fault, boner
грубая ошибка
blunder, glaring mistake, bloomer, atrocity
miscalculation, blunder, miscount
плохо справляться
miss, overshoot, mishit, boss, blunder, muff
грубо ошибаться
имя существительное
a stupid or careless mistake.
As a matter of fact this whole rising, if it could be called that, was a succession of blunders , mistakes and errors.
make a stupid or careless mistake; act or speak clumsily.
the mayor and the City Council have blundered in an ill-advised campaign
Smith, believing that a goal had been given, blasted the ball into the net only to find out he had made a terrible blunder .
Even the later case in which the wife of a victim wasn't quarantined isn't a terrible blunder .
It'll probably make him feel pretty good, knowing that he hadn't made such a stupid blunder .
The council has now promised to withdraw the advert, blaming an administrative error for the blunder .
she stopped, finally aware of the terrible blunder she had made
Health chiefs, who described the blunder as an ‘oversight’, have been ordered by a sheriff to explain how up to 250 tissue slides were exchanged.
They suffered from, I think, a kind of outcome bias, because there was a terrible loss of 7 astronauts, somehow there must have been a terrible blunder to have set them off.
In an embarrassing blunder , it was mistakenly sent to the home of an elderly Swindon woman who shared the same name as the child's grandmother.
The transcript is worth reading, if only because it confirms that the attack was a tragic blunder rather than an intentional act.
The error is the latest blunder to hit postal votes this week, fuelling fears of a number of post-electoral challenges because of doubts over the efficacy of the voting system.