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bluff / блеф, обман, обрыв
имя существительное
bluff, pageantry
deception, deceit, fraud, trick, hype, bluff
precipice, break, bluff, steep, fall
имя прилагательное
steep, abrupt, tough, sharp, precipitous, bluff
rough, gruff, bluff, blunt, uncouth, earthy
intimidate, bully, cow, browbeat, bluff, daunt
deceive, cheat, kid, fool, spoof, bluff
брать на пушку
имя прилагательное
direct in speech or behavior but in a good-natured way.
a big, bluff, hearty man
(of a cliff or a ship's bow) having a vertical or steep broad front.
Half the barges were away, already sweeping downriver with thin, white mustaches under their bluff bows, when a commotion awoke ashore.
имя существительное
an attempt to deceive someone into believing that one can or will do something.
the offer was denounced as a bluff
a steep cliff, bank, or promontory.
Planning the campaign involved myriad geographical factors, including the Mississippi Delta region, streams of various navigabilities, steep banks, and bluffs northeast of the city.
a grove or clump of trees.
A couple of miles north and south the trees thicken up and the farms all have bluffs of trees on them so it is quite scenic.
try to deceive someone as to one's abilities or intentions.
he's been bluffing all along
The internet rumour mill has been working overtime, a game of bluff and counter-bluff spreading like a computer virus.
Little or no mound fill was added to the westernmost edge of the mound with the contours of this area remaining essentially the same as the natural bluff ridge.
Today, all that remains is a bluff of trees in the middle of a cultivated field.
They had informed him that my attempt was no bluff - it was not done to get attention - a half attempt.
Taking all of this into account, though there seemed to be an underlying sadness, I got the distinct impression that his bluff attitude was covering up something.
the object is to bluff your opponent into submission
We are drifting in the surge line between rock pinnacles and the bluff and I cannot believe my eyes.
The bluff was wooded, and we could see but little.
Blunt Limerick man and bluff Tipperary man did not enjoy the most harmonious of relationships.
It should be obvious why I badly want to believe that this is a bluff or a ruse.