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bluestocking / синий чулок, педантка, ученая женщина
имя существительное
синий чулок
bluestocking, blue
bluestocking, blue
ученая женщина
имя существительное
an intellectual or literary woman.
Are book editors letting the good ones get away and, in the process, limiting their audience to literary bluestockings ?
The portrait of ‘patriarchal oppression’ presented by the investigative journalist is nonsense, incidentally, and he - who has the perspective and temperament of a Victorian bluestocking - was laughed off the island.
She has suffered a little herself from being viewed by some as the archetypal bluestocking .
I got an A-plus. I was a bluestocking
Though, with her reputation as a bluestocking , the family puts its hopes in the younger now.
She is just trying to survive her first season in the haut ton of Regency England and retain the tomboy, bluestocking identity her brothers had fostered in her though out her childhood.
Why, from what I know of her and what I have heard of Lady Josephine, she is quite a bluestocking !
an uptight bluestocking who likes to dress as a man and write feminist philosophy
A Canadian bluestocking saw things a little differently.
More seriously, she argues that he was blackmailed into rejecting the comedy by a bluestocking who threatened to reveal that the great actor-manager's protege was his illegitimate son.
Among the several virtues she lacks - being a Calvinist bluestocking is plainly responsible - are objectivity, impersonality, and a sense of the comic finiteness of human beings.