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bluebottle / полицейский, муха трупная, василек
имя существительное
police, policeman, police officer, cop, officer, bluebottle
муха трупная
knapweed, cornflower, bluet, bluett, bluebottle
имя существительное
a common blowfly with a metallic-blue body, the female of which often comes into houses searching for a suitable food source on which to lay her eggs.
Blowflies, such as greenbottles and bluebottles , are attracted to your rabbit and its housing by the presence of faeces, urine, rotting vegetables and open wounds.
the wild cornflower.
As a bonus, here are some wildflowers growing next to a field. The red one is a poppy, and the blue ones are cornflowers or bluebottles .
It sits, not quite dead, but buzzing like a bluebottle under a pint glass, its battery acid eating away the carpet.
On her right wrist she wore a light bracelet of a similar design, but this had a large blue stone imbedded in it: a single bluebottle trapped in a silver filigree web.
To the others in the car she could have been following a circling bluebottle .
He noticed several bluebottle flies gathering in a panel at the side of the bath.
In fact, the possibility of being savaged seemed so low on her sense of possibilities that she was almost instantly distracted by a bluebottle banging against the window.
So I was strolling down the hall when I saw a bluebottle flying towards me at something approaching waist height.
He said the seven-day collection timetable, introduced in the 1930s, was brought in because the life cycle of the bluebottle was ten days.
On the shag, a halo of bluebottle flies buzzing above, lay a great steaming pile.
Apart from the threat of sharks, the biggest problem for competitors has been rough seas and bluebottles .
I even open windows for bluebottles and talk them out.