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blue-collar / рабочий
имя существительное
worker, laborer, workman, operator, working man, blue-collar
имя прилагательное
of or relating to manual work or workers, particularly in industry.
their speech and attitudes mark them as blue-collar guys
She is equally comfortable dealing with blue-collar workers and elite patrons.
Give the country boy, blue-collar worker, farmer in Tennessee a voice he can relate to.
Virtually every industry has reported layoffs of both white- and blue-collar workers.
There were blue-collar workers concerned about losing their jobs to immigrants and rioters.
Obviously, this applies not only to blue-collar factory workers, but to people who work in offices or the service sector.
Unemployment among blue-collar workers rose when heavy industry shifted its production focus.
The daughter of a blue-collar factory worker, Anne grew up on a council estate in Bracknell.
He decries the shortage of blue-collar workers which, in his opinion, this allowance will make worse not better.
Sauer's study is noteworthy because of its emphasis on blue-collar workers at risk.
His dad was the average blue-collar worker, a Pittsburgh trademark.