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blue-black / иссиня-черный
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
black with a tinge of blue.
The drupes are metallic blue that later turn blue-black to black and ripen in October.
Most impressive when in flower, the strongly fragrant golden spikes shine like beacons across the winter garden, followed by clusters of blue-black berries.
Over my shoulder a blue-black storm built in the east.
Here the funeral procession, muted in blue-black as it is, nonetheless has the same kind of psychological and aesthetic impact.
The blue glow dulled to blue-black , pulsing like a bruise, an open sore on the solar system.
The body of humpback whales is usually blue-black or black overall with irregular white coloration on the throat and sides.
Her hair was black and straight instead of the blue-black ringlets he remembered.
A few wisps of cloud remained, but now the sky was inky blue-black , with a sparkle of stars.
She had wavy blue-black hair, and surprisingly royal blue eyes.
I appear to have dyed my hair a rather frightening blue-black
No dragons even graced the plain that night, it was dead silent, the silver moon still in the blue-black , star-studded sky.