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blowy / ветреный
имя прилагательное
windy, flighty, giddy, flyaway, volatile, blowy
имя прилагательное
having or affected by strong winds; windy or windswept.
a blowy day
Thank you for coming… it's a bit blowy outside.
See now, rounding the headland, a forlorn hopeless bird, trembling black wings fingering the blowy air, dainty and ghostly, careless of the scattering salt.
With the weather being a tad on the blowy side at the moment I've noticed that my skin is starting to feel dry and a little sore.
Conditions at Canoe Brook were blowy and wet, remarkably Open-like in fact.
And outside, it's cold, blowy and snowy: real Texas, rather than the TV-land place it was to become.
Key line: ‘A snowy, blowy Christmas, a mistletoey Christmas, a turkey lurkey Christmas to you!’
In the first three days we've seen it calm, blowy and wet.
Barely 12 hours after the final round of the British Open at blowy , blustery Royal Lytham and the newly-crowned champion and chums were cracking away on the other side of the world.
However, in blowy conditions at St Teresa's pitch on the Glen Road in Belfast, the St. Louis boys finally made the dream become a reality as they toppled a very physical Loreto College, Coleraine team.
Talking of storms, this interview is potentially a bit blowy for me, too: I once had to apologise to a Lady for falsely accusing her of being German (she is half-French and half-Russian and also a British citizen).