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blowtorch / паяльная лампа, реактивный двигатель
имя существительное
паяльная лампа
blowtorch, torch, blowlamp, brazing torch
реактивный двигатель
jet engine, jet, jet propulsion, blowtorch
имя существительное
a portable device producing a hot flame that is directed onto a surface, typically to solder metal.
These range from fires ignited by blowtorches involved in paint stripping, to electrical appliances and other equipment which may have been stored in a damp garage or shed over the winter period.
The contraption is a cross between a blowtorch ad chain saw.
Picking up one of his tools, a small blowtorch , he set to work with a vengeance.
He later founded and sold a company that provided cable-TV programs for college students, such as a late-night cooking show that once demonstrated how to make baked Alaska with a blowtorch .
My portion of braised veal trotters seemed to have been overbraised by a week or two, and the lamb sausages tasted faintly of gas, as if they'd been blasted with a blowtorch .
Zack: ‘It looks as though I'm gonna have to use the portable blowtorch to melt the ice.’
The highlight was when my friends, who are as yet unjaded by simple kitchen magic, witnessed the cook using a blowtorch to broil the cheese on the soup.
She held a plastic blowtorch in her right hand; its blue cellophane flame penetrating the stocking at her thigh.
The ramekin dish was topped with slices of banana and strawberry, but underneath the fruit someone had been a little heavy-handed with the blowtorch , and what should have been crispy toffee was actually burnt sugar.
The price includes copper piping and sheeting and the use of tools, including a blowtorch and a pipe-cutter.
His recipes sound terrific, but he must have a much neater juicer than mine, which takes an age to clean and is now gathering dust next to the sandwich-maker and the blowtorch for making crème brulee.