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blowout / прорыв, прокол, разрыв
имя существительное
breakthrough, break, penetration, gap, rupture, blowout
puncture, prick, blowout, tapping
gap, break, rupture, breaking, discontinuity, blowout
имя существительное
a sudden rupture or malfunction of a part or an apparatus due to pressure, in particular the bursting of an automobile tire.
Sinking oil and gas wells offshore is a risky venture because of the danger of blowouts and pipeline ruptures, as well as the daily increments of pollution.
an easy victory in a sporting contest or an election.
they had lost seven games—four by blowouts and three by slim margins
a large or lavish meal or social gathering.
He was still crowing over the success of his Dallas showroom expansion and the blowout coming-out party.
a hollow eroded by the wind.
Parabolic dunes are formed when the wind causes a blowout , that is, begins to gouge sand out from around a patch of vegetation that has weakened its grip.
an act or instance of blow-drying hair.
you can't do a blowout with super wet hair
Jokes spring up where you would most and least expect them-in a frat house bedroom during a blowout party, or at an octogenarian's funeral.
Technical glitches like the inability to find a blood vessel, or so-called ‘vein blowout ,’ are infrequent and are relatively easy to deal with.
a blowout preventer
If a blowout occurs during wireline operations, any pressure would be prevented from entering the riser, and would be contained by the control head.
Stylist Marvin Carrington decided to revamp her shoulder-length, naturally wavy hair with a sleek blowout , defined layers and blond highlights.
This trade recession will be just as insidious in its effects as any market blowout .
I managed to pull over to the hard shoulder expecting I'd had a blowout on one of my tyres but on inspection they looked fine.
But before we can weigh anchor, Flores erupts into Festa do Emigrante, a blowout party celebrating Azorean emigrants' annual return to the islands, beginning in July.
The biggest party I ever had was also a Halloween blowout , several years ago back in Kansas.
You never know when you are going to suffer a tyre blowout or when another driver is just going to be plain careless.