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blowhole / дыхало, пузырь, раковина
имя существительное
blowhole, spiracle
bubble, bladder, blister, bleb, cyst, blowhole
sink, shell, conch, hole, blister, blowhole
имя существительное
a hole for blowing or breathing through, in particular.
Rokare blew a spray of water from her blowhole , narrowly missing him.
A burly man raises a stick with a hook on the end to strike a baby seal as it surfaces from a blowhole in the ice.
Polar bears will stand or lie by the seal's blowhole in the ice for hours; they may swim towards seals resting on the ice flows with only their nose showing above the water.
I see no gills and no blowhole , just a nose in the middle of their face.
Get your facts straight before you open your blowhole .
Rokare blew a spray of water from her blowhole , narrowly missing him.
The invention provides an apparatus and a method for reducing the volume of risers, and for the possibility of reducing shrinkage, blowhole and porosity in shaped gravity casting.
Similar to a dolphin or a whale, I suppose, I have hair, I breathe oxygen (through a blowhole , my nostrils are olfactory only), my mother nursed me, and I am warm-blooded.
Tunnels and Caves is another popular site, starting and finishing through a blowhole that leads to an underwater playground of caves and tunnels, where bubbles escape through volcanic fissures.
When they dive, muscles close the blowhole and their ribcage collapses to keep air bubbles from forming in the bloodstream.
This vent area is not your standard side mounted blowhole .