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blow-up / взрыв, нагоняй, вспышка гнева
имя существительное
explosion, bang, blast, blowing up, burst, blow-up
scolding, earful, rebuke, row, wigging, blow-up
вспышка гнева
tantrum, gush of anger, passion, blowout, huff, blow-up
имя существительное
an enlargement of a photograph.
an outburst of anger.
имя прилагательное
a blowup neck pillow
I made a blow-up of the Diplomacy conference map, put it on a bulletin board, got the colored pins in place, and we were ready to go.
In the meantime she has hidden her new passion from her father, with the expected blow-up when she is found out.
Here is a blow-up selected from the previous photo.
Dominic clearly understood the situation's potential explosiveness, and like me, he wanted to head off the inevitable blow-up .
Despite his blow-up with Sally, Holden's still in search of some human companionship.
Later, I open the envelope and pull out a blow-up of the wedding photo.
So she had a big blow-up with her father and was self-righteous that he should think that she would not pretend to go to church, and all this sort of thing.
In the inset in Fig.4 b a blow-up of one of the boundaries between such subunits (marked by a white arrow) is shown.
The blow-up of this painting/photo is hung on the wall with a mirror at a right-angle to the image, thus reproducing the image again.
Even a giant canvas blow-up cow stationed near the field entrance collapsed in the wind.