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blotto / пьяный, одурманенный
имя прилагательное
drunk, drunken, inebriate, pissed, screwed, blotto
besotted, intoxicated, dopey, blotto, dopy, zonked
имя прилагательное
extremely drunk.
we got blotto
The Christmas before last was a couple of bottles of Vodka and I was blotto through most of it.
If I wasn't so blotto , I'd totally ignore these… but what can you do.
I wondered what had caused him to become so blotto and so enraged.
Sometimes it would be kind of refreshing not to have a civilised evening - to be destructive, to just go and get blotto , like back in student days.
This method enhances the drink's natural thirst-quenching qualities, while not getting you so blotto so fast that you are rendered useless as a caregiver to small children.
When I let him in, Rick, already blotto , absolutely freaked at the sight of little Hailey, still dressed as a clown, her face all pink and smeared.
I remember that a large number of my contemporaries, including yours truly, would get blotto (you're right, it's a wonderful word Kevin) and sometimes do some truly despicable things.
We were getting pretty blotto off Pink Squirrels and Brandy Alexanders, and it was a strange sensation, looking at old fairy-tale scenes while listening to this loopy music!
Hopefully this new initiative will go in some small way towards showing young people there is an alternative to going out and getting completely blotto and not being responsible for their actions.
Instead they would prefer to end up blotto at the end of the night.