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blotter / промокашка, книга записей, промокательная бумага
имя существительное
книга записей
промокательная бумага
blotting paper, blotter
имя существительное
a sheet or pad of blotting paper inserted into a frame and kept on a desk.
I love office supplies; post-its, pens, notebooks, notepads, desk blotters , desks, desk chairs, highlighters… they all call out to me in a strange way.
a temporary recording book, especially a police charge sheet.
the boys ended up on police blotters for property crimes
Get out spot, I cry, as I invoke the gods' help in cleaning my blotter .
Too many athletes step off the football field and onto the police blotter .
Our nation's business pages bear a close resemblance to the police blotter , and investor confidence is at an all-time low.
When reporters go beyond the police blotter and write longer stories, are they more likely to balance the traditional comments from police with comments from juvenile defendants and outside expert sources?
He never has shown up on the police blotter , nor did he throw temper tantrums during his year in limbo.
He glanced down at the blotter on his desk: there were papers covered with tiny Rris script there.
Ryan puts the paperweight down on his desk blotter , moving his chair closer to put less distance between them.
Adele flicks her gaze at the letter opener at the edge of her leather desk blotter .
A blotter on the desk, one of those desk diary appointment things?
He drops the envelope on his desk blotter and concentrates on his partner's tense face.