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blot / пятно, клякса, помарка
имя существительное
spot, stain, blot, blur, slick, patch
blot, blotch, blur
prime, ground, blot, pad, clearcole
besmirch, smudge, stain, dirty, soil, blot
stain, sully, spot, tarnish, speckle, blot
имя существительное
a dark mark or stain, typically one made by ink, paint, or dirt.
an ink blot
dry (a wet surface or substance) using an absorbent material.
Guy blotted his face with a dust rag
mark or stain (something).
the writing was messy and blotted
cover writing or pictures with ink or paint so that they cannot be seen.
Whenever the sight of her father's murder arose, she imagined a black paint brush going over the scene to blot it out .
It was more sensed than seen, a darker blot in the gale-lashed dark, and he frowned and raised one hand, trying vainly to shield his eyes in an effort to see better.
Author David K. Wyatt shows no fear and honestly describes the self indulgences, cronyism and corruption that have been a blot on this nation's politics for many, many decades.
‘It is a breach of faith with the world's poor, and a blot of dishonour on our international reputation,’ she said.
It would be the greatest disservice to India and a blot which could take years to erase.
That is truly a blot of ink and not a name, my lord.
No matter how painful it can be, it would be impossible to blot out my last memory of Sophie, standing on the far side of the room dressed in her school uniform.
It looked like an ink blot if I was being honest, but I could make out a few numbers.
You blot these cases out of your memory as soon as you have done them.
The blackness in his heart seeped into every bone - as an ink blot spreads its stain across a page.
After collecting the last samples, protein extracts were prepared and protein gel blot was performed.