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blossom / цвести, расцвести, расцветать
blossom, bloom, flower, blow, effloresce
blossom, bloom, burst into blossom
bloom, blossom, flourish, expand, effloresce
имя существительное
flower, blossom, floret
blossom, color, bloom, flower, coloring, hue
bloom, flowering, blossom, blossoming, flower, florescence
имя существительное
a flower or a mass of flowers on a tree or bush.
tiny white blossoms
(of a tree or bush) produce flowers or masses of flowers.
the mango trees have shed their fruit and blossomed again
The trees were in blossom , each had barely budded individual fruit.
In the spring the plum trees blossom , and violets bloom along the paths.
Around her, women and animals bloom, trees and flowers blossom , and her womb fills up with stones.
The grass has grown, the hawthorn hedge is fully in leaf, different plants are in bloom and new ones are sprouting, apple and pear trees are in blossom .
I wondered whether he would live long enough to see his trees in blossom .
The yellow explosions I am referring to are the yellow Poui trees that are again in blossom at this time of the year here.
The Flowering Cherry tree will blossom at this time of the year, each year, as a symbol of remembrance.
The wild plums were in blossom , chasing the red buds up the inside slopes.
There were also two orange trees, one of which always seemed to be in blossom or fruit, and a large Rose of Sharon tree with the big white flowers resembling white roses.
Perhaps she is returning from a quick stroll in the garden to look for the first plum buds that will soon be in blossom , thus suggesting a circular return to the first month of the album.