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blooper / оговорка, досадная ошибка, промах
имя существительное
reservation, clause, proviso, qualification, slip of the tongue, blooper
досадная ошибка
sad mistake, blooper, boob
miss, slip, blunder, bloomer, fault, blooper
имя существительное
an embarrassing error.
he poked fun at his own tendency to utter bloopers
a weakly hit fly ball landing just beyond the reach of the infielders.
a blooper over the shortstop's head
It's possibly his first blooper of the season and if you only make one every 30 games you will take that.
Good chemistry is when a blooper falls when your team is hitting and is caught when your team is pitching.
Twenty years after one such blooper , every time we need a taxi, my friend goes, ‘Hey look, a flag, quick, cab the flag, cab the flag!’
And some infielders move very slowly when tracking a blooper .
He can hit that blooper over the first baseman's head and run all day.
blooper shows consisting of out-takes from films
Hunter's the only guy to get a hit, a blooper over the shortstop's head
a blooper over the shortstop's head
If it were solely a matter of the site blooper , then the error might be put down to dumbness and naivety.
Bright colours, and flashy - but hideous - skirts, shirts, even muumuus flashed through Halle's mind, like a fashion blooper sequence that had no end.