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bloomer / промах, грубая ошибка, городской батон
имя существительное
miss, slip, blunder, bloomer, fault, boner
грубая ошибка
blunder, glaring mistake, bloomer, atrocity
городской батон
имя существительное
a plant that produces flowers at a specified time.
fragrant night-bloomers such as nicotiana
a serious or stupid mistake.
About 45 minutes later, he committed his bloomer , and there is no doubt in my mind that the champion jockey made the elementary mistake of thinking that he had the race won aboard the second - favourite.
This early summer bloomer native to Tibet is like no other.
As for you being a late bloomer , it's more significant that you've accomplished the first step toward a potentially rewarding career - once you figure out what it is.
I'd prefer to think of Maggie as a late bloomer , one of those bored, too-bright-for-their-own-good students so advanced that their minds wander to loftier thoughts.
To doubt this fact is to commit a bloomer .
But if you see a new scape rising at the base of a blooming plant, the plant is a repeat bloomer .
he never committed a bloomer
Rivas considers herself a late bloomer in the art form, though.
I came to many things late in life, and am something of a late bloomer , if you will.
As a brother who considers himself a late bloomer , I did not achieve my bachelor's degree until I was 32 in January 1995.
Sure, I was a late bloomer compared to all those other people who were born with a tennis racket in hand.