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blooey / blooey
awry; amiss.
the ignition switch went blooey
used to convey that something has happened in an abrupt way.
and, blooey! He shot himself dead
But, then, blooey , the storyline flies off into mannered absurdity, complete with a hostage-taking on top of the Eiffel Tower.
I've been busy with other stuff, and also my computer recently went blooey so I had to replace it.
"Sometimes you touch one," a nurse says, "and blooey , the wolf's at the door."
It's important to keep balance, if wizards can blow up a small building while a warrior walks around with his +1 sticker next thing you know no one wants to be a warrior, and blooey , the balance is gone.
Don't tell us this is a problem just because the mountain/gate went blooey .
The kid's heart went blooey when the excitement got to be too much for him.
I had a reply to the morning lounge entry and went back in to change some words and BLOOEY the whole thing disappeared.
We found the still without any problem, the experts set the charges, and BLOOEY the still was wiped off the face of the Earth.
Seems like the wireless card is still a little blooie .