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bloodthirsty / кровожадный
имя прилагательное
bloodthirsty, bloody, sanguinary, butcherly, slaughterous, cannibalish
имя прилагательное
eager to shed blood.
a bloodthirsty dictator
The enemy would probably be bloodthirsty bandits just waiting to kill him.
For instance, the pirates are not the bloodthirsty savages characterized by most films in this genre.
They aren't bloodthirsty barbarians, they are people who believe that if a crime is bad enough then one can justify taking the life of the person.
The regime was mercilessly brutal and bloodthirsty .
Until Victoria's reign, Vikings were portrayed as bloodthirsty and violent.
He acquired a reputation for being bloodthirsty and ruthless, to go with his reputation for cunning.
They are part of a village that is being plagued by wild and bloodthirsty wolves.
It is an unspeakable act of violence carried out by unspeakably nasty vicious bloodthirsty thugs.
The film's basically a non-stop bloodthirsty assault on humanity, and as such it's consistently unsettling.
We are not the bloodthirsty killers the detectives would lead you to believe.