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bloodsucker / кровопийца, пиявка, эксплуататор
имя существительное
bloodsucker, vampire, leech, spider, caterpillar
leech, bloodsucker, caterpillar
exploiter, slave driver, bloodsucker, sweater
имя существительное
an animal or insect that sucks blood, especially a leech or a mosquito.
The female mosquitoes become the bloodsuckers , and they use their long proboscis to bite other animals and feed on their blood.
a long-tailed arboreal Asian lizard that carries its head in a raised position. Its ability to change color is most marked in the male, whose head and shoulders become bright red when excited.
a person who extorts money.
Ah, but… These bloodsuckers prey on the poor, often Native folk: car title loans, payday loans, personal loans up to $500.
‘I only said that because you were trying to attach yourself to her like some kind of bloodsucker ,’ Shouma said, leaning comfortably into his crutches.
The extent to which I hate bloodsucking ticks can hardly be described and I subject myself to intense and private scrutiny when I return home.
In fact, the only interruption to my singing was when I'd slap my arm or thigh or back trying to swat one of the evil bloodsuckers .
He has even called in sponsorship from an insect-repellent manufacturer, providing wipes to keep the area's bloodsuckers at bay.
Ironically, the blood is now being sucked out the other way: India's hill stations will soon be sucked dry by a new variety of bloodsuckers .
But while most Manitobans curse the tiny bloodsuckers , this play makes them heroes.
When outdoors, people are encouraged to use an insect repellant containing DEET, an active ingredient unequalled at keeping the bloodsucking pests at bay.
I don't think that the people who make exaggerated petty claims are the worst bloodsuckers though, they are just greedy, self-centred and inconsiderate freeloaders.
The board at that place are bloodsuckers , pure and simple.
Cynics paint such corporate behemoths as bloodsuckers , but I have seen how they can transform the lives of their employees.