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bloodstained / запачканный кровью, запятнанный кровью, виновный в убийстве
имя прилагательное
запачканный кровью
запятнанный кровью
виновный в убийстве
bloodguilty, bloodstained
Detectives investigating the discovery of heavily bloodstained items in a car park yesterday said they belonged to a man for whom they had ‘serious concern’.
And officers hunting her killer urged people who spotted anyone with bloodstained clothes to get in touch with them.
He still wore the bloodstained smock in which he had been arrested.
His face was covered in cuts, and his clothing was also bloodstained and torn.
Earlier the court heard that police found the flat had been ransacked and there were bloodstained footprints in the hall.
It is not clear exactly what weapon the attacker used, but police say the wanted man is likely to have been heavily bloodstained .
A bloodstained tree marks a leopard ‘canteen’ and the diner could be lurking in any of the many caves above us.
The mattresses and walls were covered in blood and the murder weapon, a bloodstained hedging billhook, lay abandoned.
When Boon visits the murdered woman's home, there is really no need to let us see the bloodstained floorboards.
Whoever carried out this attack would have left the scene with bloodstained clothing and we appeal to people's better nature to come forward.