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bloodstain / кровяное пятно
имя существительное
кровяное пятно
имя существительное
a stain or a spot caused by blood.
The floor of one classroom is marked with bloodstains .
Jason pointed down at a small bloodstain in my carpet that stood out amongst the white fabric.
How was he supposed to spot something like a bloodstain , anyway?
She smiles when she spots a bloodstain where the doorstop was hidden.
The floor of one classroom is marked with bloodstains .
On the stairs faint bloodstains are visible and their origin unknown, but there are only three choices to what caused them.
Old bloodstains had dried into the fabric and he had been unable to wash them out.
There's also a cell lined with sound-proofing pads, on which fading bloodstains are visible.
Groggy from lack of sleep, I emerged from my building the next morning and looked for bloodstains on the sidewalk.
The police ask Sam about the bloodstains under her sink.
There are suggestions that bloodstains at the scene of the shooting were cleaned away by some of the accused while the police turned the other way.