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bloodline / родословная, род
имя существительное
pedigree, genealogy, ancestry, lineage, bloodline, line
genus, race, kind, family, generation, bloodline
имя существительное
an animal's set of ancestors or pedigree, typically considered with regard to the desirable characteristics bred into it.
If he produces a lot of top quality trial dogs and enters the pedigrees and the major bloodlines of the breed, his genes will be spread throughout the breed.
His sporting pedigree is confirmed by a bloodline that has produced other fine sportsmen.
Logically, if Edward IV had not been King, the royal bloodline would have been entirely different.
the survival of a legitimate royal bloodline
That place held an important place in his heart because it was where the bloodline of his family had originated.
You also may want to check the horse's bloodline if you will be breeding the horse.
It suggests that Jesus Christ had direct descendants, in a bloodline that can be traced down the centuries.
She wondered what it was like to grow up an only child to a royal bloodline .
The bloodline I come from is a line from which many great warriors have come from.
Being the only child in the family, his parents were counting on him to continue the family bloodline and surname.
Why didn't you tell me we are from a royal bloodline ?