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bloodless / бескровный, обескровленный, бледный
имя прилагательное
bloodless, unbloody, exsanguine
bloodless, bleeding
pale, light, pallid, faint, wan, bloodless
имя прилагательное
(of a revolution or conflict) without violence or killing.
a bloodless coup
(of the skin or a part of the body) drained of color.
his bloodless lips
Much of this economic merriment can be ascribed to the miracle of our virtually bloodless revolution and the government's macro-economic policy.
Until recently compilations of slave trade statistics have seemed to reduce one of the darkest episodes in world history into a set of abstract and bloodless figures.
Her hair was pure white, her skin was ivory white, and her lips were almost bloodless .
By mid February he had assumed control of the city in a remarkable bloodless coup.
The soul-shattering scream still wrenched from Elaine's bloodless lips.
This woman, this humourless bloodless shambles of a person, was entirely sure that the sign was not open to interpretation by her or anyone else.
Devolution of function from central government to the stronger local units would have involved an intensification of the land value charges at the expense of income taxes - a bloodless revolution!
Beside her in the passenger's seat, Beth clutches her hands together so hard that the fingers are white and bloodless .
According to this morning's papers, ‘This was a bloodless revolution’ and ‘People power prevailed’.
His perfectly straight nose was exactly proportionate to his mouth with his almost bloodless lips.