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blonde / блондинка, шелковая кружевная ткань
имя существительное
шелковая кружевная ткань
имя прилагательное
light, bright, blond, blonde, fair, luminous
blond, blonde, fair
white, blonde
имя прилагательное
(of hair) fair or pale yellow.
short-cropped blond hair
At that moment, a short blonde woman walked into the classroom.
I mean, it's bad enough the media portrays that we should be blonde , blue-eyed and skinny.
The blonde woman looked annoyed, William though looked murderous.
There, sitting at the glass table, were three very blonde women.
Cora was a short and unnaturally skinny pale girl with silvery blonde hair and cerulean blue eyes.
Someone was getting out of the car on the passenger side, and a blonde woman with a surprised look behind her glasses sat still in the driver's seat.
He was about six feet tall with wavy blonde hair and fair skin.
He had the same pale face and white blonde hair that he had.
My boss, a young blonde woman who always wore a tuxedo-style business suit, stood outside the office, posting a sign.
Her eyes are a beautiful dark blue that stand out against her pale skin and blonde hair.