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blockbusting / blockbusting
имя прилагательное
very successful commercially.
his blockbusting novel
имя существительное
the practice of persuading owners to sell property cheaply because of the fear of people of another race or class moving into the neighborhood, and thus profiting by reselling at a higher price.
Neither were neighborhoods victimized by blockbusting .
After wooing the Eastleigh audience with another blockbusting performance, the veteran entertainer vowed to fans that he would be back again next year.
Why, after all, should she tell me that more than anything else she dreams of being a massive blockbusting star?
Compared with the blockbusting novelists of our age, this was a meagre output.
Nowadays, most revenue and profit comes from the blockbusting drugs that notch up over $1b in annual sales.
The agency did not systematically discourage either racial discrimination or blockbusting .
From its pensive poster and trailer alone, the film looks set to continue his hot streak as a director who can capably juggle blockbusting crowd-pleasers with more serious subject matter.
So deep was white Chicagoans' hostility to the practice that activists labored to stop such blockbusting even when they were willing to live alongside African American neighbors.
If this life is my blockbusting movie, then I have a lot more important jazz to worry about.
Murphy speaks highly of the blockbusting centre.
Filmgoers sick of the blockbusting flicks that tend to emerge this time of year will be pleased to know that as far as world cinema is concerned, they're covered for the next week at least.