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blockbuster / супербоевик, фугасная бомба, огромная книга
имя существительное
super, blockbuster, super-film
фугасная бомба
demolition bomb, high bomb, explosive bomb, blockbuster
огромная книга
имя существительное
a thing of great power or size, in particular a movie, book, or other product that is a great commercial success.
a blockbuster pay-per-view special event
We need a convincing experience - like a blockbuster Hollywood film can deliver, when we get sucked into a great 2-hour film.
For example, the contemporary American cinema tends to position teenagers at the center of audiences for blockbuster films.
Did you dub it in Hindi with an intention of getting into blockbuster films in Bollywood?
You were restricted only to the blockbuster films in a small town.
It's really easy to write a mainstream pop song, a bestselling novel, a blockbuster film…
blockbuster film
This film delivers blockbuster action, but its blistering pace leaves the story as soulless as the monsters that inhabit it.
her new book is a real blockbuster
But more importantly, the festival lets you take a break from those big Hollywood blockbuster films.
The story of your relationship could be a blockbuster film or a Shakespeare play.