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blockage / блокировка, препятствие, заграждение
имя существительное
locking, blocking, block, blockage, interlocking, block system
let, obstacle, obstruction, barrier, hurdle, blockage
barrage, boom, fencing, entanglement, obstruction, blockage
имя существительное
an obstruction that makes movement or flow difficult or impossible.
a blockage in the pipes
This had been washed down by the heavy flow and added to the blockage .
the pumps are prone to blockage
a blockage in the pipes
With a heart attack, a blockage causes the flow of blood into the heart to stop.
a blockage in the pipes
the pumps are prone to blockage
Surgeons scrape out deposits from inside the arteries, clearing the blockage and improving blood flow.
All the tenants are hoping that once the drain is drilled through and cleared of its blockage , the flooding will not happen again.
We also get an additional 3,000 reports of blockages via the Council's hotline.
The special coating helps improve the blood flow and prevents blockages or blood clots, which can lead to potentially dangerous infections.