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blockade / блокада, затор
имя существительное
blockade, investment
congestion, mash, traffic jam, logjam, block, blockade
block, blockade, freeze, stop, block up, interlock
имя существительное
an act or means of sealing off a place to prevent goods or people from entering or leaving.
there was a blockade of humanitarian aid
seal off (a place) to prevent goods or people from entering or leaving.
Over the weekend peace activists blockaded the road and entered the plant, which is near Reading.
We must remember this fact because it refutes the argument that one imposes a blockade , embargo, or sanction as a bloodless and humane way of coercing the leaders of a target country.
In response, the Soviet Union imposed an economic blockade .
About 500 workers imposed a blockade on the factory on October 14 after being abruptly informed that the plant was closed and the workforce sacked.
Throughout 1940 and 1941 the USA tightened an economic blockade of Japan which threatened to cut off most Japanese oil supplies.
They imposed an economic blockade on the city, forcing people to queue for hours in the heat to enter or leave, and requiring them to show identification in English.
there was a blockade of humanitarian aid
they voted to lift the blockade of major railway junctions
Because the problem with dirt is that the media had imposed virtually an iron blockade when it came to the really personal stuff.
They advanced yard by yard, imposing a strict blockade with barbed wire and blockhouses.
One would expect the effect of blockade on airways function to be rapid and indeed the risk ceases to be significant after the first year of exposure.