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blob / капля, маленький шарик, нуль
имя существительное
drop, blob, bead, dribble, ounce, spot
маленький шарик
zero, null, nil, naught, cipher, blob
делать кляксы
sputter, blob
chat, talk, dangle, chatter, prattle, blob
имя существительное
a drop of a thick liquid or other viscous substance.
blobs of paint
put small drops of thick liquid or spots of color on.
her nose was blobbed with paint
имя существительное
binary large objects.
In further contrast to the brightly coloured clothes and accessories of the young women, the man's body seems no longer human and instead is a black blob trailing a crimson train of blood.
Soon someone spotted a massive, gelatinous white blob wriggling in the sand.
A good blob of moisturizer on your face will help your skin retain water, making sure it stays soft and supple.
It was crisp, with a dollop of really well-made tomato salsa on top (which suggested long, slow cooking and adroit seasoning) and there was a blob of melted mozzarella on that.
a big pink blob of a face was at the window
You must also not overlap the silhouetted shapes because you will end up with an unidentifiable blob .
Is there a shared factor that binds the two together like a blob of industrial-strength super glue?
If anything ever looked more like a bug splat on a car windshield or a blob of ice cream dropped on a sidewalk - it just has to be the asterisk.
a leathery blob commonly known as a sea squirt
‘I was thinking we'd stop at this town,’ he pointed to a blob on the map with his free hand, suddenly needing to change the topic.