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bloated / раздутый, обрюзгший, жирный
имя прилагательное
bloated, swollen, distent
fatty, fat, oily, greasy, rich, bloated
имя прилагательное
(of part of the body) swollen with fluid or gas.
he had a bloated, unshaven face
make or become swollen with fluid or gas.
the fungus has bloated their abdomens
cure (a herring) by salting and smoking it lightly.
The latter, however, are very agreeable and good for making pickled or bloated herring.
He had a brain in him the size of a bloated brontosaurus, but unfortunately he had a temper to match.
If you feel sluggish or bloated , reduce the amount you consume prior to working out.
The MSP began a new line of attack in talking of a bloated bureaucracy, the need to reduce the size of government and a promise to cut back the ministerial payroll.
He has kwashiorkor, which has left his limbs bloated and his belly swollen.
It's not uncommon for some to add up to 20 pounds (mostly fluid) right after a contest, giving them a bloated appearance.
The devil makes work for idle hands, particularly in pre-revolutionary France where pampered privilege combined with decadence to create a bloated elite, ripe for plucking.
The darkness edged away and there was something in the corner, some terribly old and deformed thing, with a bloated , distended belly and wide staring eyes.
Three years earlier, he had resolved to deregulate the state's bloated and outdated health-care system, one of only two in the country that set rates for hospitals.
For some reason, probably because I feel fat and bloated and depressed and I probably had a glass or two more of wine than I should have.
This bill will only further expand the bloated bureaucracy of the Ministry of Education.