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blizzard / метель, пурга, снежная буря
имя существительное
blizzard, snowstorm, windstorm
blizzard, snowstorm
снежная буря
blizzard, ice storm
имя существительное
a severe snowstorm with high winds and low visibility.
And then there are the weather warnings for hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards , floods, winds, and tides.
a blizzard of propaganda
In many natural disasters, be it a blizzard , tornado or hurricane, the power is sometimes the first utility that fails.
People were helping others run and avoid the blizzard of debris.
Looking through the blizzard of wildly differing reports of the housing market, there is at least a hint that activity is slowing and that prices have - not before time - topped out.
a blizzard of legal forms
There is irony in the book's blizzard of anecdotal details.
As I braced for the weather that's buffeted the East Coast recently, I thought: What a spiraling blizzard of bad policy we face.
However, in the blizzard of journalistic hype, these subtle forms they create are being lost.
a blizzard of letters arrived
The blizzard winds had come in much sooner than they normally did and he and the maids had been stuck in the compound for three weeks.