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blitz / разбомбить, разгромить
blitz, bomb out, prang
smash, rout, hammer, crucify, blitz, smear
имя существительное
blitzkrieg, blitz
молниеносная война
blitzkrieg, blitz
внезапное нападение
incursion, raid, descent, blitz, swoop
attack or damage (a place or building) in a blitz.
news came that Rotterdam had been blitzed
attack (the passer) in a blitz.
The 49ers blitzed and attacked, correctly anticipating the pass.
имя существительное
an intensive or sudden military attack.
I talk myself out of imagining world war-styled bombing blitzes or trench warfare, and replaced them with images of land mines and machine guns.
a sudden, energetic, and concerted effort, typically on a specific task.
a major press blitz
a form of chess in which moves must be made at very short intervals.
One can well forgive an author for relying on internet blitz chess to research openings grandmasters hardly ever play.
Back in the mid-Nineties, I played in a blitz tournament in Germany.
In December 1941 she had stood in the ruins of the Regimental Chapel after it was bombed during the blitz .
The television adverts released last week are one element of this marketing blitz .
Their marketing plan not only intends to blitz the globe with a massive advertising campaign, but will also saturate the domestic market right here at home.
Many blitz games are 5 minutes per player for the entire game.
Last week I was having a bit of a blitz on residents permits and caught a black 3 series BMW with an out of date permit on the next door beat, two streets away.
While eight officers investigated the vehicles, officials from the Benefits Agency conducted checks as part of a blitz on benefit fraud.
The council has hired a specialist company to blitz problem areas using hot water and a high-pressure lance.
It was a dream compared to the air raids and blitz conditions she had had to put up with in London.
He said it would be preferable if the council sent out letters in advance before they decide to blitz a particular area.