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blistering / стремительный, вызывающий волдыри, очень горячий
имя прилагательное
impetuous, sweeping, rash, sudden, dashing, blistering
вызывающий волдыри
очень горячий
имя прилагательное
(of heat) intense.
the blistering heat of the desert
form swellings filled with air or fluid on the surface of something.
the surface of the door began to blister
Yesterday she launched a blistering attack on the gleeful liberals who have delighted in her husband's troubles.
The smell was of boiling sulphur and choking grey dust, and the blistering heat burnt his face, and soon the ash cloud blinded him too, but still he was not scared.
The sessions are delivered at blistering pace, some of the show - off riffs performed by youngsters only nine or ten years old.
During the expedition they will pass through nine of the continent's 13 countries, carrying their own food, water and shelter in often blistering heat.
The court's judgment contained a blistering criticism of the criminal justice system.
Speediest on-baller you could ever find, he can run out the entire game at a blistering pace - opposition taggers don't stand a chance.
The initial shock wasn't so much the blistering pace, but the quick thinking.
A barrister launched a blistering attack on an anti-social behaviour order imposed by magistrates on Thursday.
The 200 gr. load is blistering fast but the light bullet keeps recoil down.
The flying front man was transformed into an unstoppable cyclone, ripping Birmingham to shreds with his blistering pace and bagging four goals in one game.