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blister / волдырь, пузырь, раковина
имя существительное
blister, bleb, weal, bulla, draught
bubble, bladder, blister, bleb, cyst, blowhole
sink, shell, conch, hole, blister, pit
покрываться пузырями
покрываться волдырями
вызывать пузыри
имя существительное
a small bubble on the skin filled with serum and caused by friction, burning, or other damage.
Closely monitor your feet before and after exercise for any signs of potential damage, such as blisters , which can lead to ulcers if left untreated.
an annoying person.
the child is a disgusting little blister
form swellings filled with air or fluid on the surface of something.
the surface of the door began to blister
Use thicker-fleshed chiles, such as poblanos, and allow their skin to blacken and blister without burning through the flesh.
A physician was called, who soon after his arrival applied a blister to the throat and let another pint of blood.
the surface of the door began to blister
the surface of the door began to blister
They will collapse and soften, and their skin will blacken and blister .
In rare instances the skin can blister and peel.
They will puff up and the skin will blister slightly.
Pretty soon, red and orange flames leaped around her with heat enough to warm and then blister her skin, despite the light fall of rain that started after the fire was lit.
I could feel the skin there beginning to blister .
Let the blister and the surrounding wood dry thoroughly before adding glue.