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blissful / блаженный, счастливый
имя прилагательное
blissful, blessed, beatific, blest, beatifical, Saturnian
happy, lucky, fortunate, blissful, blessed, joyful
имя прилагательное
extremely happy; full of joy.
a blissful couple holding a baby
Nobody had ever made him feel so happy before, and he prayed that the blissful feeling would never end.
The effect of the drug is to summon up people's happiest memories as a means of keeping them in a blissful state.
There are no Gods, no grand plans, no celestial architects, no blissful after-lives and no eternal damnation.
They recently changed my office day start time too from the blissful 8.50 to 8.30.
The boots are at that precarious stage of wearing out, and every blissful outing that they take with me now only decreases the time until they get thrown away.
This is displayed in their ability to play slow, blissful songs and step back from the full onslaught of their upbeat material.
For a blissful moment I watched everybody happy to be alive and counted myself one of them.
He was handsome and could have had a life of blissful happiness for himself if he wished.
With contented sighs, the two blissful lovers curled themselves around each other again.
I'm not going to mention the blissful weather over the last couple of weeks - I'll just jinx it.