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blip / изображение на экране радара
имя существительное
изображение на экране радара
имя существительное
a short high-pitched sound made by an electronic device.
He's got the groove going and he paces his compilations like an expert DJ, but his blips and bleeps sound awfully derivative.
a flashing point of light on a radar screen representing an object, typically accompanied by a high-pitched sound.
A bunch of ‘wacky’ characters watch blips on a radar screen.
an unexpected, minor, and typically temporary deviation from a general trend.
an upward blip in house prices
(of an electronic device) make a short high-pitched sound or succession of sounds.
At the touch of a button one of the blank monitors blipped to life, displaying a scene that was being picked up by a hidden remote camera.
open (the throttle of a motor vehicle) momentarily.
You can't even stall it, as the car can cruise round town in sixth gear from just 500 revs and will blip the throttle for you.
As I was working on today's entry our electricity began to blip on and off.
But I hope this is just a blip , a temporary moment of blurred decision, out-weighed by my usual clarity.
‘Often I've seen engineers jump in the vehicle, turn the engine on, blip the throttle, then drive off,’ he says.
In the darkened operations room below decks, grey overalled officers and sailors watched an approaching blip on their radar screens.
Universities across the country are expecting a dip in the number of applicants next year, although this is expected to be a temporary blip .
Is it a permanent rebound or just a temporary blip ?
The radar operator watched carefully as the blip on his monitor representing the Renegade crawled into the system.
It has been there for hundreds of years, and a temporary blip in the finances is no excuse for throwing it all away.
Time will tell if this is just a statistical anomaly or a blip in a downward trend.
It was a high-pitched blip that, once again, she never knew the devices were capable of.